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76 Prospect St., Gloucester, MA 01930
978 282-1455
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11 am - 6 pm
We are now Open!  Still doing curbside and delivery
for those who prefer it. 
We are also tasting at the wine machines -
Final Week featuring our virtual Grand Tasting wines!

Savour Grand Wine Tasting: In-Store Kiosk + Virtual   

We are excited to welcome you two new ways to experience Savour’s bi-annual Grand Wine Tastings: Schedule a Private Kiosk Tasting in store + access a Virtual “Tasting” in our Online Store to view and purchase wines from the comfort of home.  

We believe we have established safe, enjoyable shopping options, ones that provide insightful, essential information to confidently make informed purchasing decisions…in-person and virtually.  

Enter the Virtual Wine Tasting Event

To schedule a Private Kiosk Tasting, here’s what you need to know:    

Final Week  – Tues., Sept. 22nd to Wed., Sept. 30th – Between noon and 5PM, we are now reserving private tastings every half-hour, the opportunity to taste up to 20 wines from our digital kiosk with the option to acquire choice wines.       

  • For Week Four –Tues., Sept. 22nd to Wed., Sept. 30th – See 5 new presenter videos + 25 new wine selections from – Casey Gruttadauri | Harry Zarkades | Lauren Daddona  |  Matt Rose  |  Danny Giddings  – Click red button above and download wine description sheets.

To reserve your private tasting please call Kathleen & Courtney @ 978.282.1455.

Welcoming one customer or a couple at a time for Kiosk tastings.

 For a Safe, Efficient Kiosk Tasting Experience, Enter from Our Parking Lot… 

  1. Wearing a “mask”, please wash hands in our lav, first left. Lav is sanitized with each use. 
  2. Your temperature check is next.
  3. Your Riedel wine glass awaits at the kiosks.  Wine glasses are washed after each tasting.  
  4. Enjoy your private tasting of up to 20 curated wines. Please use your 30-minute tasting time thoughtfully.  We sanitize the kiosk after each tasting. 
  5. All tasting wines are displayed at the kiosk for your selection.  For this tasting we will promptly process purchases to accommodate our next, scheduled client’s half-hour tasting. 

5% discount purchasing of 6 to 11 wines; 10% discount purchasing 12 or more wines.   

Options: Leave with your wines, or arrange for curbside pickup, or arrange free delivery* 


Some wines may have limited availability and are sold on a first come / first serve basis.

*As we want to provide delivery first to customers in need, people who should remain at home in consideration of health and safety, please consider curbside pickup, if possible. Require a person 21yrs to receive orders & recipient’s phone # to confirm delivery time. Thank You!


Three Ways to Shop Everything Savour 

Tuesday - Saturday  /  11 - 6

For In-Store - Face Masks / Face Coverings are required

Suggest hand washing upon entering in our Lav    

Please practice social distancing, 6', storewide

Kiosk tasting is open! One person or a couple at a time


For ordering Curbside Pickup

Call 978. 282.1455 – between 11 -  6 

Tell us what you need, wines, Savour foods ...

Kathleen welcomes making wine selections & wine pairings

Upon arrival call from parking lot & we'll bring the order to your car


For ordering from the Online Store, 24/7

go to:  savourwineandcheese.com/main.sc 

View & order over 500+ curated wines

We call to confirm your order & schedule pickup or free delivery*


                                                                             Thank You
                                                                     Kathleen & the Savour team


Savour Current (Covid) Discount Policy

 5% on 6 bottles or more – Wine Club Members

5% on 12 bottles or more – All Customers

10% on cases over $600.00

These will be automatically applied unless you instruct us to donate your discount to our local Gloucester charity, Pathways for Children.


 Download our Provisions Spreadsheet here for cheeses, charcuterie, pantry items & more! 

You can then call in your order to: 978 282-1455     


I have personally curated...sourced, tasted and selected each and every wine comprising our unique collectionspriced at 9.99 and 14.99.  Wines that meet our standards for their expressive qualities & the wine makers' distinctive approach to winemaking   
                                                                          - Kathleen Morgan
Our 9.99ers
Over 100, 9.99er selections ...where it's all about taste and value, an ever-changing cache of wines representing all major wine producing regions.
                                                       ...wines that provide above-price enjoyment
Added Value For Savour Wine Club Members:
Save 10%/ $1. on each wine with a 6-wine purchase - total savings $6.
Save 15%/ $1.50 on each wine with a 12-wine purchase -total saving $18.
Our 14.99ers
Over 80, 14.99ers selections in our wine cross-bin section with each wine's experience described on wine profile cards.  Move up to wines that express complexity gaining length, balance and finish.
                                     ...be rewarded with the fullest extent of quality for your dollar.
Added Value for Savour Wine Club Members:
Save 10%/ $1.50 on each wine with a 6-wine purchase - total savings $9.
Save 15%/ $2.25 on each wine with a 12-wine purchase - total saving $27.


















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