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Our food and wine pairing app, Insta-somm™ is ready!

Insta-somm™ “A Sommelier in Your Pocket” (patent pending)
Insta-somm™ is the first objective systematic method of pairing food and wine, based on the science of molecular gastronomy. Foods are matched with the wines that share the same molecular structure. The dominant flavor molecule is
represented by a color: green, yellow, red, orange, and blue. Each wine is assigned a number and then paired with foods that match their level of acidity, from bone-dry (level 1) to sweet (level 4).

Explore the Insta-somm web-app with 3 options:

1) Get a free look around with limited features

2) Sign up and get a free one – week trial of all the web-app features of Insta-somm.  If you cancel before 7 days, your card will not be charged.

3) Sign up and get full use of the web-app for one year for only $39.00. Your card will be charged at the end of the 7-day trial period and will renew each year automatically.

Now offering 10% discount on 12-bottle case purchase of wine. In addition, Savour offers a 10% discount on any other items purchased with the case.

For wine club members, continuing to offer 5% discount on a 6-bottle purchase and any items purchased with the 6 bottles.

Complimentary Wine Tastings Every Saturday

Usually from 2 – 4 pm.

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A favor to support small and local business

A favor to support small and local business...

In the last several months, credit card companies and processors have more than doubled their fees, taking over 6% of sales every month. Some businesses are charging for the use of the credit card. Savour has no plans to enact a surcharge of any kind. Instead, we are asking a simple thing … When possible, please consider using a debit card to pay at Savour. Debit cards take a 0.5% processing fee. Also, Savour has a new credit card reader that requires no pin and has a “tap” function we use when possible to keep your transaction secure. If all of our customers used a debit card (or cash), our fees would drop from $32,000.00 a year to $2600.00! Even with changing to a new processor, with a slightly lower rate for a limited period, this situation is not sustainable. With increased taxes, costs of good, and operating expenses, we are seeing many in the wine business giving up and closing their doors. This simple change in our buying and payment habits could save countless local, small businesses. Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation. Have a blessed holiday season and we will see you at Savour!

Semi-Grand Tasting!

We had a very successful tasting yesterday of the exceptional 32 wines listed below. Thanks to all of you who came out to support us and pick up some extraordinary wines for the holidays!

Savour is open today (Sunday) from 1 to 5 p.m. and Morgan is there to pour many of these gems that remain from yesterday's event.

Savour will continue to honor these discounts on the wines listed below through the coming week - so if you missed out, please stop by and ask!

10% discount on 6 or more wines
15% discount on 12 or more wines


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Kathleen Morgan

Meet Kathleen Morgan

While working on my PhD in History of Christianity, I started my catering and coffee shop business, aptly named “Ambrosia,” the “Food of the Gods.”

Get in touch with Kathleen Morgan, for personalized assistance