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  Come and visit us  at the corner of Pleasant and Prospect St., across from St. Ann's church. 

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Tuesday - Friday 11 am - 7 pm

Saturday 10 am - 7 pm

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Why Taste?
         Savour Saturday Wine Tastings 
        A Learning Experience by the glass    
The more you taste, the more you refine your
understanding and enjoyment of wine.  
By comparing different wines with us each Saturday, over time, you fine-tune your palate to identify and appreciate what each wine uniquely offers by applying your senses to wines' essential qualities.
Your Senses, The Bridge To Wine's DNA
See, Swirl, Smell, Sip and Savour

Observe the wines color, hue, age (by inspecting the rim color variation), and viscosity (by studying the "legs," 
as the wine drips down the inside of the glass).
Release the wine's vapor and aromas (by swirling to create the "legs.")
 Inhale deeply.  As much as 90% of the taste is olfactory. The first whiff of a wine gives you the most important impression . . . in anticipation of what is to come.
Experience the wine's
taste structure.  Flavors are sweet, salty, sour, acidic and/or beefy (the 5th taste, "Umami").
Enjoy each swallow.  Good wines have three things in common: balance, complexity, and length. How does the one you are tasting measure up?
*We use Riedel glassware exclusively for Savour wine tastings



 "He who knows how to taste does not drink wine but savours secrets..."
~ Salvador Dali


"Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water." W.C. Fields
Wine Tasting with Casey of Ideal Wines
(just in time for Father's Day)!


Saturday, June 15
2- 5 pm
($5.00 suggested donation to Pathways for Children)

Henri Bourgeois, Petit Bourgeois, Rose de Pinot
Noir, Loire, France ~ $14.99
For 10 generations, the Bourgeois family has been cultivating vines in the heart of the Sancerre region. They have established their domain in the well-known village of Chavignol reputed for its wines (produced from vines grown on steep and well-exposed slopes). 
Crowdpleasing, picnic-friendly and effortlessly easy to love, this 100% Pinot Noir rosé offers ripe aromatics including Ranier cherry, wild strawberry, crushed raspberry and Sarsaparilla. Round 
and mouth-filling, the medium-bodied palate showcases flavors of pomegranate and crisp watermelon alongside a fresh and clean acidity. This is wildly delicious on its own but would definitely fare well with your favorite salmon dish or a spread of cheese, olives 
and charcuterie. 

Fram, Chardonnay, Robertson, South Africa ~ $18.99
In the Robertson appellation we find some calcareous soils, 
and calcium is Chardonnay's friend. Calcium helps us in the sense that it gives this wine a brilliantly defined minerality, supported by yellow citrus fruits and an elegant toasty note on the entry of the palate. This is unoaked, and the fruit and mineral combination is what really excites me about this wine. Included is 8% of Chenin Blanc, whole bunch fermented with pumpovers, to add some zippiness to the citrus flavors.
2017 Spater-Veit Piersporter Feinherb, Mosel, Germany ~ $14.99
When talking about a vineyard site that has been as thoroughly celebrated as the Piesporter Goldtröpchen, it can be easy to glaze over from the typical talk of steep slopes, slate, 
and exposure to sunlight. You've heard it all before. But even the most jaded wine taster snaps to attention when told that what's in their glass came from a plot that's on a 100% gradient. That's less a steep vineyard and more the face of a cliff! The mind boggles at the kind of hard work and single minded dedication it takes to work the vines in that terroir. This is a great value from one of the top estates in the Mosel. A riesling with waxy, fleshy notes and a slight spritz. Feinherb is an unregulated designation and the grapes are hand-picked from the single-vineyard Falkenberg on the steep Piesporter hillside, just above Goldtröpfchen. Weingut Später-Veit uses only wild, ambient yeasts to ferment their wines in stainless-steel tanks. That spicy jerk chicken you've been marinating for your next BBQ is the perfect companion. 

Lumen, Grenache, CA ~ $29.99
In 2012 Will Henry and Lane Tanner realized that they shared a common vision: to make wines from the best cool-climate vineyards in Santa Barbara County. The duo asserts that the most balanced (and thus memorable) wines are made from fruit that is picked relatively early on the harvest calendar, the end result being a wine that is livelier on the palate, deeper in complexity, lower in alcohol, and more worthy of cellaring. Wonderfully vibrant and energetic, with penetrating raspberry and rose petal on the nose, followed by undulating flavors of strawberry, thyme and sandalwood on the palate - all wrapped in a firm yet velvety texture. Long, vibrant finish with lingering fruit and minerality, accented by cardamom and anise notes.

Amplify, Subliminal Cabernet Sauvignon ~ $24.99
"Born out of a desire to capture a style of Cabernet Sauvignon almost forgotten in California, that of a humble table wine, Subliminal is a weeknight wine that speaks strongly of its origins. Its dusty tannins and dried fruit recall 1970s California, while its bright, fresh, lifted character is a purely modern take on the grape. From old vines in the Santa Ynez Valley planted over 40 years ago, aged completely in neutral oak, this is a new side of California Cabernet Sauvignon that will carry you from summer BBQs to winter braises."

Check out our new display of what we have just brought in!

We also have a plethora of new chocolates from Philips Chocolate House, handmade since 1925. 

We have a collection for your selection of very attractively priced wines in our $9.99 section, and now we've added a $14.99 section for your shopping ease. Still great prices, but with a bit more complexity and layers to the wines. Come check it out!

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SATURDAY        10 ~ 7



Spring is finally here and some of you have asked about Sunday hours.  At this time, it has not proven efficient to open on Sundays, except for the holiday season in November and December.  We will obviously be open for special events, such as our Grand Tastings.  

I am also offering Sunday appointments to those who may need them, if I am available.  (I will give you my cell phone number).  I need to know Saturday, however.  So we will give it a try!  I spend most Sundays in the late spring and summer on the water, photographing the whales, and time is limited!

                                                  copyright@Kathleen Powers Morgan
   copyright@Kathleen Powers Morgan
 *As many of you know, eating raw seafood poses some risk, so you must be aware that you consume them at your own discretion and risk. 

~OPEN ~ 
SATURDAY        10 ~ 7




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